Shockingly beautiful ... or NOT?

Doggy_Starpuppy was spotted arriving at the SD Movie Awards with her personal helicopter. The helicopter landed on the roof of Hilton Hotel where she also stayed that night.

The former model and also owner of magazines FAME and Chanel was wearing a really gorgeous outfit ... or was she? At the first sight, we had the impression of a GaGa style back in the Poker Face days. We're used to see Quinn in classic outfits not this yellow crap. She also changed her hair color.

She also made an announcement that shocked a lot of her fans. "I'm again into modeling." she announced. Many were surprised while many were expecting her to make a return into modeling.

But a few days after the Movie Awards, Harley was seen at the Dollywood Central Mall wearing a classic outfit - as she always does..

If she can look like a human being, so gorgeous and so beautiful, what was with the monster breakout at the SD Movies Awards?


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