Copycat or what?

Famous owner of ELLE magazine (development of the magazine started in 2010 and last issue was published in 2012) and model + graphic designer at VOGUE, Holmes (conectt3) has got into a scandal. She was the one who started it but not the one who caused it.

The model's personal assistant announced her on Saturday morning that there is another ELLE magazine (which Holmes knew about as they posted their first issue in June 2012) but what bothered her that the design of the magazine's web site was very similar to the one of her own ELLE magazine.

"Some time ago, when I checked it, the design was all pink and stuff." Holmes announced to the reporters. "From the beginning my magazine's design was the way it still is (and the way EllieCase changed her blog lately) and now I see that her's is the same as mine. What kind of bullsh*t is this?" she continued.

Seeing that she started to lose the case, EllieCase decided to hide from the reporters, but she couldn't hide from the law and she had to, eventually, face Holmes in the court room. How ironical: EllieCase was the first to release a issue of the magazine (which had a scandal with famous model and graphic designer Nika (Princess_Kiara1) because Ellie did not even ask Nika's permission to feature her) and she ended up copying someone else. Not cool! So not cool..

And what's the moral of this story? We should have the worst tastes so that no one could copy us! No, that's not it. Maybe the moral is that we shouldn't be copycats? Yeah, that's more like it.


Starved to be featured in HAUTE

Scarlet (Sweet-Scarlet) was spotted the other day at the Stardoll Arts Museum and some reporters took the chance to ask her a few questions. Since she is one of the models who was featured in HAUTE Magazine, we were wondering if she was the one who starved herself (because according to some sources, only one model was on diet). We hit the jackpot!

Turns out that it indeed was Scarlet. At first, when asked about reporters, she denied the fact, saying that it's "absolutely ridiculous". But those reporters surely didn't give up and all the pressure made her admit that Lindsey Le'Vogue indeed forced her to go on a diet. Poor girl! She should have left the magazine the very moment when she was requested to starve herself.


Who is to blame?

Do you still remember the hipster former actress now famous photographer Lindsey Le'Vogue (LoveGossip4life)? Why I'm calling her hipster? Click here to read about her "performance".

The wild young girl has turned into a delicate woman. Lately she released her latest issue of HAUTE and it seemed so amazing, but let's take a look behind the scenes.

Some of the models, but names won't be said, were forced to starve themselves to look as slim and beautiful as possible. ChuFu, Doggy_Starpuppy and RockinElle reported that they haven't been forced to stay on diets since their bodies were already "slim and beautiful". However, reporters still "investigate" the case to find out which of the models starved themselves.



Esther (shancelle), model and former film director decided to launch a perfume which he called "Air". The perfume bottle was looking extremely cute and decorated with pink ornaments.

However, despite the gorgeous appearance, the perfume was a total fail. She couldn't sell not even a phial of her perfume because of the smell. No, the perfume wasn't bad smelling ... It had no smell at all.

In an interview with Dollywood TV, Esther was asked who encouraged her to create the perfume and who [we wonder] created it. She replied that she herself thought that making a perfume would be great and that no one encouraged her. The name of the creator is unknown.

On the red carpet, when asked what did she think about the perfume she launched, she said that the perfume has a "marvelous smell".

During the interview with Dollywood TV, one of the persons from the audience shouted: "Esther, it has no smell! How the hell is it marvelous?" and a few persons from the audience giggled.

Appearance change!

Dei (To_Royal) has made a huge appearance change. She went for a plastic surgery on her face and a few life-long tattoos on her legs and arms. The most unhappy person about Dei's change was Dei's mother.

"This is not my daughter! That's not her!" Dei's mother said in an interview with Dollywood Weekly when asked about her daughter's big change. Dei, however, could not care less about her mother's opinion but refused to comment about it.

On the other side, Dei's fans were fond of her new appearance, describing her as gorgeous and unique. I think she looks beautiful, despite her mother's protests.


Hunting gone wild!

Supermodel Jorge (lacky2) went hunting last week alongside other millionaire friends of his. They went hunting in one of the wild forests in Eastern Dollywood were hunting, actually, is generally restricted.

The hunting, however, did not end well for Jorge. During their hunt, they have been attacked by a wild boar and the one who got the most serious injuries was Jorge.

"It was really horrible what happened to Jorge." a close friend of the model stated. "I'm glad that he's fine now though and his life is not in danger." the friend added.

But the doctors said that Jorge should stay at least a week in hospital and other two weeks to just rest at home and cancel his schedule for the next month. So unfortunate as Jorge had a photoshoot for a famous magazine planned at the end of the current week. Sooooo unfortunate..



While some stars have health issues and others have rage breakouts, others' careers are becoming really successful! Kyo (ChuFu) is now a highly requested model. In the past she worked with famous magazines and now nothing has changed.

It is rumored that Kyo will be appearing in famous Dollywood magazines like FAME and FLARE and some less known magazines like OUTLAW. And that's not all to it. Kyo is also the owner of CHOQUE Project, which many have heard of.

And it seems like financially she is doing well too. She's been spotted several times this week in Dollywood's most expensive stores, leaving with tons of bags which could barely fit inside her brand new Porsche Cayenne.

Keep up the good work Kyo!

Rage breakout!

Yesterday, reporters spotted Kirsten (sparklewand12) having a shopping spree on Dollywood Avenue 23 at the most expensive stores in Western Dollywood. She was there with her assistant, Helen (_StarHelen_) who was carrying all Kirsten's bags. She was overloaded. Kirsten, however, didn't even care.

Nothing seemed unusual until Helen dropped a few bags and a Birkin bag fell on the floor, in a Louis Vuitton store. Helen seemed horrified and the reporters quickly turned their attention to Kirsten. Her eyes were full of anger and the next second, the reporters saw Kirsten punching and slapping her assistant.

After 10 whole minutes of her rage breakout, she finally calmed down but did not excuse herself in front of Helen. The retailers in the Louis Vuitton store didn't even dare to stop Kirsten.

"It was phenomenal. She was like a beast." one of the reporters said excited. "It was like the glamorous, elegant Kirsten suddenly became a monster." one of the sellers at the Vuitton store stated.

Kirsten refused to talk about the accident while Helen was nowhere to be seen. We wonder what will happen next??


A modeling career!

Emma (emmahunt4) who starred alongside Lindsey Le'Vogue (LoveGossip4life) in Desperate Starwives [read HERE] has started a modeling career after the show's last season ended in Spring 2012.

The star realized that her acting career had to end there, after 8 long seasons of Starwives show, so she decided to make her modeling debut in one of the most famous magazines of Dollywood: VOGUE.

Lately, reporters noticed Emma being really stressed and looking, well, not at her best. Her real self is the exact opposite from herself in the shooting. However, the cause of her inactivity is not yet known..


The most controversial!

Khol (hollyyoaksrocks*) who is probably the most controversial personality in Dollywood appeared in VOGUE Magazine in a rather decent and even cute photo, which I would say: So not like Khol yet she looked really gorgeous. The girl goes from totally cute to absolutely naughty.

Last night, Nikhol was spotted at a night club wearing a black mini dress and killer heels. Her hair looked rather messy. She even got into a cat fight while she was still at the club [but she didn't start the fight however]. She left the night club with a mysterious guy and the next day, when the reporters asked who the guy was, her reply was: Not your f*cking business (with a calm tone).

A source close to the model said that she [currently] is not in a relationship. Well, let's just wait and see what happens next.



Manda (MandaMichalka) who in June 2012 got engaged (read HERE) to [still] an unknown prince charming got divorced last month. Our reporters saw them today at the local store, doing shopping. None of them were wearing their rings and weren't as talkative as when they were still married.

"They remain close friends. Despite the fact that they argued a lot just after the divorce, they are now friends and they do not tend to hide their relationship." a close friend of Manda's husband says. Manda's husband is not a famous person in Dollywood but it is rumored that he is pretty rich. All we pretty much know about him is his name: Ryan.

Well, we're glad they at least remain close friends and we won't be surprised if they get together again.


Olsen Twins of Stardoll

Kaja (kadet12) [left] and Patrycja (Kaszmir13) [right] are the Olsen Twins of Stardoll. The twins have achieved great fame after being featured in VOGUE Magazine. Despite the different hair colors, the girls have similar face features. The girls are famous models and both modeled for almost exactly the same magazines.

Whenever we spot them going out somewhere in Dollywood, they are always together and I can't help but notice how cute they look. All we wonder is whenever they really are that close to each other or is it just an act for the press.


Drug Buddies

Doggy_Starpuppy who modeled for HAUTE Magazine's latest issue was rumored to have health issues. This caught the attention of the reporters and everyone became curious of the cause of her issues.

Harley who is also a graphic artist, recently was Tania's (cooldeer123) photographer and it is rumored that the cause of her health issues is the fact that she and Tania were drug buddies and that Harley is a drug user as well.

She got out from hospital on 10 January in the morning and the next morning attended GangStar Squad premiere and Tania was there as well [read HERE] but the two of them were not spotted together, not once. Tania was with a friend of hers and Doggy_Starpuppy was there along with other graphic artists and she was looking rather tired. Why would she go there anyway if she just got out of hospital, puzzles me.

The model also has a leading role in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters as Gretel and a close friend of the star says that "luckily she finished filming her scenes in the movie and her health issues did not bother". Great luck indeed.

The reporters could not get in touch with her so it is not confirmed if she is or is not a drug user so stay tuned to find out more about Harley and Tania.

Stars on Drugs

Stardoll's Lana Del Rey, Tania (cooldeer123) is actually a drug addict. About 2 months ago somebody asked Tania on Starbook if she used drugs which she answered with: "Why are you asking?" and this caused some rumors about Tania being a drug user.

In January 2013, she was featured in VOGUE Magazine: one photo of her wearing a glamorous outfit and the other one of her wearing a jumper with the words: pugs on drugs, and a picture of a pug smoking a cigarette.

A few days later, in an interview at the the premiere of GangStar Squad movie this morning, she was questioned by an unknown reported if she actually was a drug user and one of her friends (who was also at the premiere with her) accidentally said something about Tania using drugs.

Tania keeps denying the fact that she uses drugs. We just have to wait and see what happens next.

Fake Hair

Emma (Cute.Miss.Lola) who appeared in a VOGUE Commercial promoting healthy and strong hair was actually wearing a wig! Rumor has it that Emma's real hair is far from healthy and she needs to wash it at least every 2 days.

Emma herself refused to talk about it but close friends of her say that she actually has pretty healthy hair and she doesn't have to wash it every couple of days. Our paparazzi spotted her at a local store and her hair was looking pretty greasy and with no volume, at all.

Maybe it was a bad hair day for Emma but whenever we spot her, she never has that hair from the VOGUE Commercial. Maybe jelinna really liked her pretty face and the hair didn't really matter to her.


Covergirl with health issues

Elle Rose (RockinEllee) who was the Covergirl of Le'Vogue's Winter Issue of HAUTE Magazine is rumored to have serious health issues. The star lost a lot of weight before appearing in HAUTE Magazine and afterwards, she lost even more weight, "because of emotion" as a close [to the star] source said.

Despite the gorgeous appearance, taking a closer look at Elle, we noticed how skinny she actually is. On Thursday morning she was brought to the Central Star Hospital, where she was hospitalized with serious stomach issues (after eating only tofu). A close friend of the star mentioned that she lost consciousness and immediately called the ambulance.

The doctor assured us that her life is not in danger but she will need a lot of rest.