Secrets revealed!

Remember the whole tattoo thing with sevillana94 and .pease.? No? Click here to check it out. Looks like the secrets were revealed. We still did not identify the other girl on .pease.'s tattoo but the other one was Chris Grau (sevillana94). But what we really wanted to know is WHY did .pease. make the tattoo!


The situation is actually much more complicated than we thought. Chris was about to get married and .pease., for some reason, made that tattoo for the wedding. But the wedding didn't take place because Chris busted her husband with someone else ... With a man!

The mysterious tall guy at the train station that she met a couple of days ago (Click here to read more) was no other than her father that came to see how is she feeling after the wedding was cancelled.

We've spotted Chris a few days ago and she looked quite good for a woman who got her wedding cancelled. She was also looking really glamorous in a colorful outfit.

Guess what? Chris Grau likes Color Blocking!

Shockingly beautiful ... or NOT?

Doggy_Starpuppy was spotted arriving at the SD Movie Awards with her personal helicopter. The helicopter landed on the roof of Hilton Hotel where she also stayed that night.

The former model and also owner of magazines FAME and Chanel was wearing a really gorgeous outfit ... or was she? At the first sight, we had the impression of a GaGa style back in the Poker Face days. We're used to see Quinn in classic outfits not this yellow crap. She also changed her hair color.

She also made an announcement that shocked a lot of her fans. "I'm again into modeling." she announced. Many were surprised while many were expecting her to make a return into modeling.

But a few days after the Movie Awards, Harley was seen at the Dollywood Central Mall wearing a classic outfit - as she always does..

If she can look like a human being, so gorgeous and so beautiful, what was with the monster breakout at the SD Movies Awards?


Madness in flesh!

We all remember JB (laurenboy) don't we? Well ... here he goes striking again ... Actually, it's his dog striking this time, but JB is the mad one ...

Our reporters spotted laurenboy today in the morning on the Central Star Street. He was looking fabulous as always. He was wearing a beautiful white Chanel vest and purse and also Chanel jewelry and what not. But the odd "thing" that caught our eyes was his pet - a black dog.

The puppy was looking so cute but OMG! JB what did you do with the poor creature? Don't you think he wears too much jewelry? Or do you mind him wearing jewelry ... AT ALL? You managed to make the dog look glamorous ... But he looks weirder than Lady GaGa wearing meat ...

laurenboy's dog is Stardoll's next Diva!


In an earlier interview for Dollywood TV, Deidra (To_Royal) stated that her favorite shop in the Starplaza is PPQ. Nobody payed attention to that (because it's actually no big deal) but there were persons (such as these at Breaking News Stardoll) who pay attention to every single word.

Honestly, we didn't took notice of that either until last week. In the Dollywood Newspapers was written that PPQ store was robbed. Our reports have spotted Dei wearing new PPQ clothes (which are quite expensive) even though she declared the other day that she's not doing very well financial..

Our reporters kept bugging Dei with questions about that and she finally burst out! She declared that she employed 10 persons to rob clothes for her from PPQ.

*tut* *tut* Dei ... It's wasn't beautiful what you did ...
Deidra had to pay a sum of 70 000 stardollars. Of course, she did not have the money so she had to sell more than half from her Couture Wardrobe and even more from her Chanel one..


Manda (MandaMichalka) was spotted today in the morning in the LE Hotel in Star-Sidney, Stardoll, a very expensive hotel. A room for one person costs more than 5000 stardollars. But those are not the shocking news. Indeed not!

What was really shocking is that Manda was wearing an engagement ring. We couldn't really check it out as she was holding her purse in the same hand.

The former model, now actress, was looking really happy. But we wonder who is her fiance?!
Stay tuned for more!

Birkin bows to Dollywood's Elites!

Isa (DiedunkleMaid) was spotted the other day at a crazily expensive shop in Western Dollywood wearing a brand new Coco Chanel Outfit. She had a crazy haircut ... But the most crazy thing she had done is about to be revealed.

Isa was looking through the shop when she saw a Jane Birkin bag which she immediately adored and wanted to buy. Our reporters said that the price of the bag was 19 million stardollars. When the sellers announced the price, Isa smiled and replied: "I'm taking it." she said.

But the most shocking thing is that she ordered 2 more Birkin bags for her sister and mother.
Dollywood wasn't as crazy as it is today...


Yesterday, as our paparazzi were walking down the Central Boulevard, they spotted Sofi (lulla96) walking towards the entrance of the Central Star Park. She seemed extremely happy and would even laugh every now and then. She was also wearing an amazingly styled outfit.

She seemed so happy, as if she was meeting up with someone. And indeed, she was. As she was walking down the central park street, she stopped near some bushes and our paps saw a mysterious man walking out of them. The man was wearing glasses, making it impossible to identify him.

Sofi opened her back and took out an envelope. Our paparazzis heard a part of their conversation:

Sofi: Here you go! (she said handing him the envelope)

Man: What the hell? Are you serious?! Why can't you just give me the money in hand? (he said ripping apart the envelope and taking out the money)

Sofi: I'm not a hobo like you. Now give me those! (she replied taking from his hand a small pack)
Man: Stupid drug addict.. (the man muttered and got a slap from Sofi).

She left the park much more happier than she entered it. Secrets revealed! Sofi is a drug-oholic!

Selena's party for freaks!

Selena (Ruubin) was having an awesome pool party and she was looking really gorgeous. All the invites where stunning looking and the part overall looked glamorous.

WHOA .... Wait one second! I'm editing what I just said ... The part didn't look glamorous at all with that chick man in the background. Who the hell was he anyway? And what's up with his outfit? Wasn't this supposed to be a glamorous pool party?

But Selena didn't seem to pay attention to the crazy man, as if he wasn't even there. And the most weird thing is that he stayed like that, staring at the sun the whole party ... Until it become dark and instead of the sun there was the moon. After that he took the LE Plastic Horse inside Selena's penthouse and turned on the TV.

After all the guests left ... We didn't see the mysterious boy leaving ... Maybe that's Selena's brother?
Stay tuned for more!


Stefan (Sweet_gal11) was spotted today walking down Stardoll 4 str. after which he entered a Candy Shop. Our paps starting taking photos but the things couldn't get any interesting ... Stefan insisted that he wants mint chocolate but the shop assistant stated that they do not have any at the moment.

The atmosphere started getting really tensed and when we thought things couldn't get any worse, Stefan starting screaming at top of his lung at the shop assistant (who was scared as hell) and before leaving, he slapped him with his brand new Gucci bag.

After that, Stefan left to the beach and even though it started raining, he continued walking on the shore with his head low. His really impressive haircut "melted" down. After a few hours, he went home.

The Elites of Dollywood are slowly turning into mad divas.


Chris (sevillana94) was spotted the other day at the New Star City Central Station wearing a really colorful outfit. She looked as if she was trying to blend in with the crowd but her outfit couldn't "let her do it". She stayed at the Central Station for almost 3 hours and when the train arrived, she was seen meeting up with a tall and skinny man who got out of the train.

The reports assured that they couldn't not be dating as the man looked as twice as older as Chris. "It could have been her father, uncle or maybe even her grandpa." one of the reporter stated.

The reporters didn't manage to interview her as she quickly left with the old, mysterious man in her brand new Bentley.

New Tattoo!

.pease. recently got a new hot tattoo. The sudden decision shocked a few friends of .pease.. "Those who were shocked didn't know why did .pease. actually made that tattoo." one of friend stated. ".pease. was hit by a car recently but it wasn't something really serious: just a really big and ugly cut on the leg." the close friend added. So .pease. decided to make a tattoo? Well, let's have a closer look at it.

There are two girls on the tattoo. We can't really see the first girl's face but we can clearly see the second one. And guess who is it? No other than Chris Grau (sevillana94) - a picture of her when she had long hair.

We wonder who is the other girl ... Our paparazzi will keep "stalking" Sasha to find out ... Or if you know, leave the name in the comments. And is there any connection between .pease. and Chris?

OMG! Naked!

Lindsey (LoveGossip4life) was spotted totally naked in her house. The former star of Desperate Starviwes was dancing and singing "Bad Romance" by Lady GaGa, wearing no clothes on.

When she has been asked about it, she denied everything saying that it's just a stupid rumor. When she was shown photos which proved the fact that she actually danced naked on "Bad Romance", Lindsey remained quiet. She left the Stardoll Awards earlier to avoid the Press.

The Stardoll Elites have gone totally mad ...

Another Beach Villa!

Patrick (devie44) strikes once again. He bought another Villa. This time he bought on the board of the Pacific Ocean, in the Western Dollywood. He spent 10 millions of stardollars buying his other Villa in the South-Western Dollywood. Noe he spent more than 25 millions stardollars to buy a really huge Villa where he is rarely seen.

"He doesn't know what to spend his money one." a close friend of Patrick stated. "He's insane." the friend added. Could that money come from his last Issue of FEMME Magazine? 'Cause it pretty much rocked Dollywood becoming very popular in the past few months.

When asked by Dollywood TV if he will ever stop spending his money on "worthless" things, he sticked his middle finger at the press stating that it's "not their fucking business". How far can you go Patrick?


Mikel (SeasonalHotbuys) was spotted yesterday by our paparazzi in a shoes shop. After she broke up with her ex-husband for the second time, she decided to "console" herself with some shopping. She was wearing a pretty nice outfit and she looked really great for a woman who broke up with her husband twice in the past 5 years.

The other day she was spotted visiting hundreds of expensive shops on Dollywood Avenue 23 but she went back home without buying anything. On her way home she was seen buying quite a few boxes of chocolate ice cream even though in an earlier interview with Dollywood TV she stated that she "despises chocolate ice cream".

"She has been in low spirits for quite a few weeks now." and insider says. "I haven't seen her like that in years now ... Since she last broke up with her husband." the insider continued. "She's been saying stuff like she is tired of this life and that she doesn't want to continue." a close friend added, but even so, we've seen her looking really good and still the Mikel we used to know her.