Yesterday, as our paparazzi were walking down the Central Boulevard, they spotted Sofi (lulla96) walking towards the entrance of the Central Star Park. She seemed extremely happy and would even laugh every now and then. She was also wearing an amazingly styled outfit.

She seemed so happy, as if she was meeting up with someone. And indeed, she was. As she was walking down the central park street, she stopped near some bushes and our paps saw a mysterious man walking out of them. The man was wearing glasses, making it impossible to identify him.

Sofi opened her back and took out an envelope. Our paparazzis heard a part of their conversation:

Sofi: Here you go! (she said handing him the envelope)

Man: What the hell? Are you serious?! Why can't you just give me the money in hand? (he said ripping apart the envelope and taking out the money)

Sofi: I'm not a hobo like you. Now give me those! (she replied taking from his hand a small pack)
Man: Stupid drug addict.. (the man muttered and got a slap from Sofi).

She left the park much more happier than she entered it. Secrets revealed! Sofi is a drug-oholic!

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