New Tattoo!

.pease. recently got a new hot tattoo. The sudden decision shocked a few friends of .pease.. "Those who were shocked didn't know why did .pease. actually made that tattoo." one of friend stated. ".pease. was hit by a car recently but it wasn't something really serious: just a really big and ugly cut on the leg." the close friend added. So .pease. decided to make a tattoo? Well, let's have a closer look at it.

There are two girls on the tattoo. We can't really see the first girl's face but we can clearly see the second one. And guess who is it? No other than Chris Grau (sevillana94) - a picture of her when she had long hair.

We wonder who is the other girl ... Our paparazzi will keep "stalking" Sasha to find out ... Or if you know, leave the name in the comments. And is there any connection between .pease. and Chris?

1 comment:

  1. .Pease. isn't me anymore, and on this picture, it wasn't me already anymore, I would never dress up my doll like this!