Madness in flesh!

We all remember JB (laurenboy) don't we? Well ... here he goes striking again ... Actually, it's his dog striking this time, but JB is the mad one ...

Our reporters spotted laurenboy today in the morning on the Central Star Street. He was looking fabulous as always. He was wearing a beautiful white Chanel vest and purse and also Chanel jewelry and what not. But the odd "thing" that caught our eyes was his pet - a black dog.

The puppy was looking so cute but OMG! JB what did you do with the poor creature? Don't you think he wears too much jewelry? Or do you mind him wearing jewelry ... AT ALL? You managed to make the dog look glamorous ... But he looks weirder than Lady GaGa wearing meat ...

laurenboy's dog is Stardoll's next Diva!

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