Another Beach Villa!

Patrick (devie44) strikes once again. He bought another Villa. This time he bought on the board of the Pacific Ocean, in the Western Dollywood. He spent 10 millions of stardollars buying his other Villa in the South-Western Dollywood. Noe he spent more than 25 millions stardollars to buy a really huge Villa where he is rarely seen.

"He doesn't know what to spend his money one." a close friend of Patrick stated. "He's insane." the friend added. Could that money come from his last Issue of FEMME Magazine? 'Cause it pretty much rocked Dollywood becoming very popular in the past few months.

When asked by Dollywood TV if he will ever stop spending his money on "worthless" things, he sticked his middle finger at the press stating that it's "not their fucking business". How far can you go Patrick?

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