Mikel (SeasonalHotbuys) was spotted yesterday by our paparazzi in a shoes shop. After she broke up with her ex-husband for the second time, she decided to "console" herself with some shopping. She was wearing a pretty nice outfit and she looked really great for a woman who broke up with her husband twice in the past 5 years.

The other day she was spotted visiting hundreds of expensive shops on Dollywood Avenue 23 but she went back home without buying anything. On her way home she was seen buying quite a few boxes of chocolate ice cream even though in an earlier interview with Dollywood TV she stated that she "despises chocolate ice cream".

"She has been in low spirits for quite a few weeks now." and insider says. "I haven't seen her like that in years now ... Since she last broke up with her husband." the insider continued. "She's been saying stuff like she is tired of this life and that she doesn't want to continue." a close friend added, but even so, we've seen her looking really good and still the Mikel we used to know her.

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