Selena's party for freaks!

Selena (Ruubin) was having an awesome pool party and she was looking really gorgeous. All the invites where stunning looking and the part overall looked glamorous.

WHOA .... Wait one second! I'm editing what I just said ... The part didn't look glamorous at all with that chick man in the background. Who the hell was he anyway? And what's up with his outfit? Wasn't this supposed to be a glamorous pool party?

But Selena didn't seem to pay attention to the crazy man, as if he wasn't even there. And the most weird thing is that he stayed like that, staring at the sun the whole party ... Until it become dark and instead of the sun there was the moon. After that he took the LE Plastic Horse inside Selena's penthouse and turned on the TV.

After all the guests left ... We didn't see the mysterious boy leaving ... Maybe that's Selena's brother?
Stay tuned for more!

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