In an earlier interview for Dollywood TV, Deidra (To_Royal) stated that her favorite shop in the Starplaza is PPQ. Nobody payed attention to that (because it's actually no big deal) but there were persons (such as these at Breaking News Stardoll) who pay attention to every single word.

Honestly, we didn't took notice of that either until last week. In the Dollywood Newspapers was written that PPQ store was robbed. Our reports have spotted Dei wearing new PPQ clothes (which are quite expensive) even though she declared the other day that she's not doing very well financial..

Our reporters kept bugging Dei with questions about that and she finally burst out! She declared that she employed 10 persons to rob clothes for her from PPQ.

*tut* *tut* Dei ... It's wasn't beautiful what you did ...
Deidra had to pay a sum of 70 000 stardollars. Of course, she did not have the money so she had to sell more than half from her Couture Wardrobe and even more from her Chanel one..

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