Copycat or what?

Famous owner of ELLE magazine (development of the magazine started in 2010 and last issue was published in 2012) and model + graphic designer at VOGUE, Holmes (conectt3) has got into a scandal. She was the one who started it but not the one who caused it.

The model's personal assistant announced her on Saturday morning that there is another ELLE magazine (which Holmes knew about as they posted their first issue in June 2012) but what bothered her that the design of the magazine's web site was very similar to the one of her own ELLE magazine.

"Some time ago, when I checked it, the design was all pink and stuff." Holmes announced to the reporters. "From the beginning my magazine's design was the way it still is (and the way EllieCase changed her blog lately) and now I see that her's is the same as mine. What kind of bullsh*t is this?" she continued.

Seeing that she started to lose the case, EllieCase decided to hide from the reporters, but she couldn't hide from the law and she had to, eventually, face Holmes in the court room. How ironical: EllieCase was the first to release a issue of the magazine (which had a scandal with famous model and graphic designer Nika (Princess_Kiara1) because Ellie did not even ask Nika's permission to feature her) and she ended up copying someone else. Not cool! So not cool..

And what's the moral of this story? We should have the worst tastes so that no one could copy us! No, that's not it. Maybe the moral is that we shouldn't be copycats? Yeah, that's more like it.



  1. didn't even know. thanks)
    guess it's not just fake gossip

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    2. @EllieCase
      Ever heard of fake gossip?
      This one is briefly based on reality..

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