Esther (shancelle), model and former film director decided to launch a perfume which he called "Air". The perfume bottle was looking extremely cute and decorated with pink ornaments.

However, despite the gorgeous appearance, the perfume was a total fail. She couldn't sell not even a phial of her perfume because of the smell. No, the perfume wasn't bad smelling ... It had no smell at all.

In an interview with Dollywood TV, Esther was asked who encouraged her to create the perfume and who [we wonder] created it. She replied that she herself thought that making a perfume would be great and that no one encouraged her. The name of the creator is unknown.

On the red carpet, when asked what did she think about the perfume she launched, she said that the perfume has a "marvelous smell".

During the interview with Dollywood TV, one of the persons from the audience shouted: "Esther, it has no smell! How the hell is it marvelous?" and a few persons from the audience giggled.

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