Drug Buddies

Doggy_Starpuppy who modeled for HAUTE Magazine's latest issue was rumored to have health issues. This caught the attention of the reporters and everyone became curious of the cause of her issues.

Harley who is also a graphic artist, recently was Tania's (cooldeer123) photographer and it is rumored that the cause of her health issues is the fact that she and Tania were drug buddies and that Harley is a drug user as well.

She got out from hospital on 10 January in the morning and the next morning attended GangStar Squad premiere and Tania was there as well [read HERE] but the two of them were not spotted together, not once. Tania was with a friend of hers and Doggy_Starpuppy was there along with other graphic artists and she was looking rather tired. Why would she go there anyway if she just got out of hospital, puzzles me.

The model also has a leading role in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters as Gretel and a close friend of the star says that "luckily she finished filming her scenes in the movie and her health issues did not bother". Great luck indeed.

The reporters could not get in touch with her so it is not confirmed if she is or is not a drug user so stay tuned to find out more about Harley and Tania.

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