The most controversial!

Khol (hollyyoaksrocks*) who is probably the most controversial personality in Dollywood appeared in VOGUE Magazine in a rather decent and even cute photo, which I would say: So not like Khol yet she looked really gorgeous. The girl goes from totally cute to absolutely naughty.

Last night, Nikhol was spotted at a night club wearing a black mini dress and killer heels. Her hair looked rather messy. She even got into a cat fight while she was still at the club [but she didn't start the fight however]. She left the night club with a mysterious guy and the next day, when the reporters asked who the guy was, her reply was: Not your f*cking business (with a calm tone).

A source close to the model said that she [currently] is not in a relationship. Well, let's just wait and see what happens next.


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