Rage breakout!

Yesterday, reporters spotted Kirsten (sparklewand12) having a shopping spree on Dollywood Avenue 23 at the most expensive stores in Western Dollywood. She was there with her assistant, Helen (_StarHelen_) who was carrying all Kirsten's bags. She was overloaded. Kirsten, however, didn't even care.

Nothing seemed unusual until Helen dropped a few bags and a Birkin bag fell on the floor, in a Louis Vuitton store. Helen seemed horrified and the reporters quickly turned their attention to Kirsten. Her eyes were full of anger and the next second, the reporters saw Kirsten punching and slapping her assistant.

After 10 whole minutes of her rage breakout, she finally calmed down but did not excuse herself in front of Helen. The retailers in the Louis Vuitton store didn't even dare to stop Kirsten.

"It was phenomenal. She was like a beast." one of the reporters said excited. "It was like the glamorous, elegant Kirsten suddenly became a monster." one of the sellers at the Vuitton store stated.

Kirsten refused to talk about the accident while Helen was nowhere to be seen. We wonder what will happen next??


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